Definitions starting with "P"



PIN-Debit Transaction

PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance

Pac Man Defense

Pacific Exchange (PCX)

Package Deal


Paid-Up Capital

Painting the Tape


Pairs Trade

Pale Recession


Panic Buying

Panic Selling

Paper Dealer

Paper Loss

Paper Millionaire

Paper Money

Paper Profit

Paper Trading

Par Value

Paradox of Thrift

Parallel Shift

Parent Company


Paris Club

Paris Hilton Stock Index

Parsonage Allowance

Partial Redemption

Participating Preferred Stock

Participation Rate


Pass Through Income

Pass-Through Entity

Pass-Through Security

Passbook Savings Account

Passive Income

Passive Investing

Passive Loss

Passive Management

Passive Trust

Past Due

Past-Due Balance Method

Pasternak's Normalized Net Asset Value


Patent Troll

Pay Yourself First

Payable on Death (POD)



Payday Loan


Payment in Kind (PIK)

Payment in Kind (PIK) Bonds

Payout Event

Payout Ratio


Pegged Exchange Rate

Penny Stock

Pension Plan

Pension Shortfall

Per Capita

Per Share Basis

Perfect Hedge

Performance Bonus

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO)

Perpetual Bond

Person to Person Payments (P2P)

Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE)

Personal Income

Personal Income and Outlay Report

Personal Property


Petty Cash

Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index

Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX)

Phillips Curve

Physical Asset

Pink Sheets

Pledged Asset

Plowback Ratio


Point-and-Figure Chart

Poison Pill

Political Risk

Ponzi Scheme

Pork Barrel Spending

Pork Bellies

Porter's 5 Forces

Portfolio Hedging

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Manager

Position Limit

Positive Correlation

Pre-Market Trading

Pre-Tax Contribution

Pre-Tax Operating Income

Predictive Indicator

Preemptive Rights

Preferred Shares

Preferred Stock

Premium Put Convertible Bond

Premium to Net Asset Value (NAV)

Prepackaged Bankruptcy

Prepayment Risk

Present Value (PV)

Preservation of Capital

Previous Close

Price Action

Price Band

Price Basing

Price Cap Regulation

Price Ceiling

Price Change

Price Channel

Price Continuity

Price Creep

Price Discovery

Price Discrimination

Price Efficiency

Price Elasticity of Demand (PED)

Price Fixing

Price Improvement

Price Inflation

Price Leadership

Price Level Adjusted Mortgage (PLAM)

Price Maker

Price Multiple

Price Persistence

Price Protection

Price Ratchet

Price Rate of Change

Price Rigging

Price Risk

Price Sensitivity

Price Stickiness

Price Taker

Price Talk

Price Target

Price Tension

Price Transparency

Price War

Price by Volume (PBV) Chart

Price per Flowing Barrel

Price-Based Option

Price-Earnings Relative

Price-Level Targeting

Price-Weighted Index

Price-to-Book Ratio (P/B)

Price-to-Cash Flow Ratio (P/CF)

Price-to-Earnings Ratio (P/E)

Price-to-Free Cash Flow Ratio (P/FCF)

Price-to-Innovation-Adjusted Earnings Ratio

Price-to-Research Ratio

Price-to-Sales Ratio (P/S)

Price-to-Tangible Book Value Ratio

Price/Earnings-to-Growth Ratio (PEG)

Price/Earnings-to-Growth and Dividend Yield Ratio (PEGY)

Priced Out

Pricing Power

Primary Downtrend

Primary Uptrend

Prime Rate


Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance (PITI)

Principal-Only STRIPS

Private Company

Private Equity

Private Placement

Private-Purpose Bond

Privately Held

Privately Owned

Pro Bono

Pro Rata

Probate Court


Producer Price Index (PPI)



Profit & Loss Statement (P&L)

Profit Before Tax

Profit Center

Profit Margin

Profit Sharing Plan

Profit Taking

Profit Warning

Program Trading

Progressive Tax

Promissory Note

Property Insurance

Property Lien

Property Tax


Protective Put

Protective Stop

Proxy Statement

Public Company

Public Limited Company (PLC)

Public Offering

Public Offering Price (POP)

Public Option

Public-Purpose Bonds

Publicly Traded Partnership

Pump and Dump

Purchase Protection

Purchasing Power

Pure Yield Pickup Swap

Put Bond

Put Option

Put-Call Parity

Put/Call Ratio

Putable Bond


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