What is Purchase Protection?

Purchase protection is an agreement between a customer and a seller whereby the two sides agree to set the price of a good or service in place for a particular time period.

How Does Purchase Protection Work?

In reality, purchase protection (also called price protection) is an aspect of many credit cards, whereby customers are able to receive refunds on items purchased with the credit card if the price of those items decreases within a specific time frame after the purchase.

For example, let's say you purchase an airline ticket to Orlando for $750 on January 1 with a credit card. However, on January 23 the price falls to $500. A purchase protection guarantee in the credit card contract would entitle you to a $250 refund from your credit card company.

Why Does Purchase Protection Matter?

Purchase protection is a way to persuade customers to purchase items even though they might be concerned about overpaying if prices fluctuate. As such, purchase protection is more relevant and effective for goods and services whose prices change regularly. Though they are a common component of credit card agreements, in general, they are uncommon.