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Have you ever heard someone stand up from their computer at work and scream in excitement, "Check it out! My favorite stock is up 10%!"  Okay, so maybe working for a company like...
You’ve probably heard of a checking and savings account before, and you might even have your own accounts. But which is the best place to keep your money? Below we’ll compare the features of...
Rich or poor, chances are you are paying too much in bank fees. A Bankrate survey of 1,000-plus Americans found that those with household incomes of $30,000 per year or less paid an average of $...
Americans spend $74 billion annually on hidden credit card fees, most notably on late fees. In addition to wasted money, this also affects your credit report (which can result in a lower credit...
Every day, consumers are bombarded with credit card offers promising big rewards if they “apply today.” From offers in our mailboxes, e-mail, and even banner ads, it’s impossible to ignore the...
When it comes to retirement accounts, the Roth IRA is an investor favorite – and for good reason. It’s a retirement account that offers tax-free growth that can help you reach your saving goals...
Question: Hello. I've decided I want to start investing, and I'm thinking of using an online broker instead of visiting a brokerage firm. Is there anything I need to know before I start?...
9 Ways to Save Thousands on Car Expenses
Cars are supposed to give us freedom, but you really have to wonder sometimes when you add up the costs of owning one. Luckily, owning a car doesn't have to feel like an unnecessary indulgence...
5 Essential Tips for Buying a Used Car
Buying or leasing a new car right out of the showroom can really pump up the adrenaline. And in the first few months of ownership, you'll probably be smiling as you tool around in your newest...
8 Easy Ways to Save on Gas
With a little patience, planning, and access to a computer or smartphone you can easily save money on gas starting tomorrow. Below are seven no-brainer tips for how to save money on gas....
Prepaid Cards: How to Choose the Best Reloadable Debit Cards
Prepaid cards, also known as reloadable debit cards, have become popular consumer financial products. Accepted everywhere traditional credit and debit cards are taken, prepaids offer access...
How to Build Credit Fast on $30k a Year or Less
Building up to an "excellent" credit rating or a FICO score of 740-plus isn't a feat only rich people can do. I can prove it. Not too long ago during my college years and for almost two years...
5 Key Tips for Leasing a New Car
Many people consider a car to be a household asset, but in reality, it isn't. Cars lose their value over time (i.e., depreciate), which is exactly what you don't want assets to do. New cars...
Leasing a car -- it's not quite buying and not quite renting. Some people even believe it's just a sham put together by car dealers to sell you a car without ever actually selling you the car....
7 Car Insurance Myths You Can't Afford to Believe
No matter where we turn, it feels like there’s always low prices on car insurance being advertised. Over the television and radio airwaves, online, and even in our mailbox, we can’t escape the...

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Recently Published


Liquidation refers to the selling of assets in return for cash.  The term liquidation is most often used in discussions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy -- a section of U.S. bankruptcy law under which co...

How to Profit From the "Short Squeeze"

The short seller is the one trader most investors love to hate. Often misunderstood and maligned, the short seller profits when prices fall rather than rise. This doesn't earn the short seller...

Long-Term Liability

A long-term liability is a liability due in more than one year. A liability is a claim on a company’s assets. Technically, a liability is a required transfer of assets or services that must occur ...

90,000 Reasons Why You've Got The Wrong Mortgage

Our parents, and even grandparents, never saw rates like these. A 15-year home loan now averages 2.84%, while a 30-year loan is...

One-Night-Stand Investment

A one-night-stand investment is a security that was supposed to be a long-term investment but is sold after a short time. Let's say John Doe goes to an investing seminar that hypes the stock of a be...

3 Surprising Reasons Why Discounted Bonds May Be A Bad Idea...

My old accounting professor clued me into a lesson about sales.

If a retailer offers a sale on a product...