What is a Package Deal?

A package deal combines several products, discounts, features or services as one transaction.

How Does a Package Deal Work?

Let's say John Doe is considering taking a cruise. He could purchase his airfare and cruise separately for $500 and $1,500, respectively, or he could book the airfare through the cruise line and get a package deal for $1,800. By doing the package deal, he would save $200.

Why Does a Package Deal Matter?

Package deals occur throughout the consumer world. In many cases, they provide a way for a buyer to save money by purchasing a group of things he or she wants anyway and receive a reduced price. Often, package deals are available from vendors who are able to buy the items in bulk.

However, package deals often include items, products or services the consumer does not want. For example, cable subscription packages often include several channels that the consumer does not want or watch. Accordingly, promises of 'all this for just $19.99 a month' can sometimes create situations in which consumers pay more than they would if they purchased the items separately.