What Is a Certified Kingdom Advisor?

Relatively new to the financial planning and advice sector, a Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA) is a professional certification for financial advisors who work with clients who take a Christian values based approach to their financial lives. CKA holders integrate their financial advisory practice with a faith-based approach to planning and investing.

Originally created as the Christian Financial Professionals Network in 1997, Kingdom Advisors provides certification, training, continuing education, and advocacy in the faith based financial services segment. Its mission is to help affiliated advisors better serve their clients through combining Christian belief and sound, personal financial advice. Kingdom Advisors emphasizes charitable giving goal-setting from a biblical perspective.

In addition, some CKAs incorporate biblically-based investing into their practice by trying to avoid buying certain so-called “sin stocks” which they believe do not conform to biblical values. This is similar to the approach taken in socially responsible investing (SRI), and likewise there are funds and fund companies dedicated to this purpose.

What Are the CKA Certification Requirements?

Most CKA applicants typically have a background in financial or insurance services. Often some will have professional experience in law or accounting as well. Required professional designations prior include the Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or 10 years or more professional experience in their designated field. Candidates must provide three letters of reference, including one from a pastor or church leader.

After paying a course fee, applicants embark on a 60 hour course of self study that includes 95 short teaching videos, 212 Bible verses concerning money, 19 case studies, and 20 practice quizzes. Candidates are required to complete the course within six months.

After completion of the curriculum they are required to take an online certification exam. Upon certification, CKAs become members of Kingdom Advisors and are required to finish 10 hours of related continuing education each year.

The principles learned in the CKA course of study are similar to that of the CFP though not as rigorous. However, the primary difference is that the CKA designation’s core practice is directly aligned with dispensing financial planning advice in strict accordance to Christian values.

Why We Use CKA Professionals for Our Content

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