What is a Rainmaker?

A rainmaker is a successful salesperson or other individual who generates significant revenue for a company.

How Does a Rainmaker Work?

Let's say John Doe is a salesman for Company XYZ. He has a lead on a potential customer, Company ABC, which he has been cultivating for six months. John's sales methods involve calling on potential customers at certain times, providing product information in a certain format, and making sure to form a bond with the right vice presidents. He also has significant travel and entertainment expenses to wine and dine potential clients. As a result of these methods and planning, John's sales numbers are twice that of the other salespeople in the organization, and he brought in 20% of Company XYZ's revenue last year. John is a rainmaker.

Why Does a Rainmaker Matter?

Rainmakers are valuable employees. They often make much more than other employees, both because they receive a percentage of their sales in commissions and because their companies want to keep them around.

Being a rainmaker means being willing to work long hours, dealing with a lot of rejection, being persistent, being educated and being a leader.