What is a Leadership Grid?

A leadership grid, also known as a management grid, is a tool for determining leadership style. The idea dates to the 1960s and was developed by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton.

How Does a Leadership Grid Work?

Leadership behavior, as it relates to the leadership grid, has two types: task orientation and relationship orientation. Task behavior involves monitoring and rewarding achievement of certain tasks; it involves more organizing and scheduling. Relationship behavior involves making employees feel good, building trust and monitoring working conditions.

The leadership grid, below, plots the task orientation as the X axis and the relationship orientation as the Y axis.
Leadership Grid

Why Does a Leadership Grid Matter?

Leadership grids don't just illustrate how leaders lead -- they show how companies get things done and achieve goals. They can also detect which leaders need to place more focus on getting things done as opposed to making people happy, and vice versa.

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