What is Jobs Growth?

Jobs growth is a U.S. economic indicator that represents the number of new jobs created in a given month.

How Does Jobs Growth Work?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes its jobs growth number each month as part of its Employment Situation Summary. Jobs growth reflects the total number of new U.S. jobs created during a given month. It includes payroll jobs created by employers, but not new self-employment jobs.

Higher jobs growth numbers indicate increasing economic growth and a strengthening job market. For instance, a jobs growth figure of 75,000 is preferable to a figure of 50,000.

Why Does Jobs Growth Matter?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics only considers jobs growth figures of 100,000 or more to have a positive, sustainable impact on economic growth. It's important to note that many analysts believe that consistently high jobs growth figures may point to rising interest rates and inflation.