What is Board Certified In Estate Planning (BCE)?

The Board Certified in Estate Planning (BCE) certification is earned by brokers, advisors and financial planners who have demonstrated expertise in dealing with estate planning.

How Does Board Certified In Estate Planning (BCE) Work?

In order to earn the BCE certification, you must first pass the BCE Credentialing Program offered by the Institute of Business & Finance (IBF). This involves:

  • Completion of the 60-hour self-study course
  • Prerequisite of a minimum two years experience in the financial services industry

Why Does Board Certified In Estate Planning (BCE) Matter?

The BCE program provides a solid foundation of advanced estate planning techniques for the business professional looking to elevate their estate planning services. It can also enhance the professional image and quality of business provided by financial professionals.

A BCE-qualified estate planner or financial professional can play an important role in planning the distribution of an estate owner's wealth.