72 Month Auto Loan Calculator

What will my monthly car payment be if I take out a 72-month (six year) loan?

Back in the early 2000s, the most common auto loan term in America was 60 months (five years). However, in recent years the 72-month auto loan has become the most popular choice.

Before buying a new car and getting a loan, check out our 72-month auto loan calculator. It will calculate your monthly payment and will display a full repayment schedule based on your loan amount, interest rate, and the total time period of your loan (also called the "Loan Term").

For example, if you plan to borrow $35,000 for a term of 72 months at an annual interest rate of 4.0%, then enter "$35,000" as the Loan Amount, "72 months" as the Term, and "4.0%" as the Interest Rate.

Are you looking to get a new six-year (72 month) auto loan? This calculator will display your monthly payment and a full schedule of your upcoming principal and interest payments.

Loan Amount:
Loan Term (months):
Annual Interest Rate (%):
= Monthly Payment

72 Month Auto Loan Calculator -- Inside the Numbers

If you take out a   new auto loan for a   month term at   interest, then your monthly payment will be  .

Although your monthly payments won't change during the term of your loan, the amount applied to principal versus interest will vary, as shown below...

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