The first step to finding a new job is to look in the right place, and these sites are especially beneficial to experienced workers who are looking to fill a particular niche in the labor market. Take a look at these top sites for the experienced worker -- maybe one of them has the perfect opportunity waiting for you.

RebootYou is a blog focused on the concept of 'rebooting' your life in preparation for the next stage, whatever that may be. The site has helpful tips for those ready to reboot as well as a series of stories that chronicle the real-life successes of rebooters from all walks of life, from the a mental health professional who rebooted to pursue his love of singing and photography, to a Marine Corps veteran rebooting his life after being severely wounded by an IED in Iraq.

This site is full of useful and up-to-date information for the Baby Boomer generation, featuring articles like 'Boomer Employment -- Deciding on a Second Career' and 'Career Change -- How Old is Too Old?' With sections on job news, careers and lifestyles, there is plenty of material perfectly suited for workers ready to plan for their next stage in life.

The slogan 'No Pastures Here' pretty much says it all.'s career site caters to mature workers searching for employment, making a transition, or approaching retirement. Its full service job board features job posting by employers specifically interested in staffing from the 50+ workforce.

An excellent site for executive-level professionals, ExecuNet focuses on connecting executives to new jobs and executive search opportunities. note that this site's job search function is exclusively for executives and senior-level managers who command $100,000+ salaries, but there is plenty of useful and free content available on the site for those who don't quite meet those criteria (yet).

YourEncore is a niche site for retired and veteran scientists and engineers. Professionals accepted by YourEncore become 'Experts' who are then matched with clients who need experienced innovators to further their projects. Enrolled Experts are free to accept only those projects that match their interest and experience. To enroll as an Expert, visit the site and prepare a profile for YourEncore's review.

SeniorJobBank was originally established in 1975, with the electronic version coming online in 1999. The average age of visitors using the SeniorJobBank is 57, which doesn't make the average user especially 'senior.' Nevertheless, SeniorJobBank seeks to encompass the full range of employment types and disciplines, from part-time workers and new workforce entrants to highly skilled executives and engineers continuing their full-time careers.

WiserWorker has searchable job posting as well as job hunting tips, blogs and other resources that cater specifically to mature workers. For example, the site's blog just pointed out that for the first time on record, there are more seniors than teenagers in the American labor force. WiserWorker, in collaboration with the AARP, also organizes both traditional and virtual job fairs for the 50+ workforce.

ENRGE site

The Employment Network for Retirement Government Experts (ENRGE) website is a platform for retired government employees (and government employees within 12 months of scheduled retirement) to post individual resumes and business interests. ENRGE's ai is to use its network of government contractors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, HR managers, investors, business owners, etc. to link people with talent with the opportunity to use it.

ExecSearch is a job board focused specifically on the nonprofit, government, education, and health sectors. With over 70,000 active members in their registry, ExecSearch is used by both large and small nonprofits to fill executive, mid-level and fundraising positions. The site also provides helpful articles for nonprofit candidates, including those new to the nonprofit industry.

A straightforward site with searchable job posting as well as job hunting tips, caters specifically to mature workers. Job hunters can search both domestic and international job listings by keyword, location and job type. You can even post your resume and register for an e-mail job-search agent.

RetireeWorkForce focuses on providing unique part-time, flexible, seasonal and full-time positions not found on other job search sites. In addition to the regular job search and resume building features, RetireeWorkForce offers the RW University, a program featuring over 130 instructor-led and self-directed online courses and certificates.

Experience Works is a charitable, community-based organization that helps older, lower-income adults get the training they need to find good jobs in their communities. People who meet the age and income requirements are assigned to qualified nonprofits or government agencies where they receive training, supervision and experience directly from their hosts.