Best for Cash Back Rewards Without A Fee

  • Annual Fee $0
  • Intro Offer/Welcome Offer: Earn $150 cash back after you spend $2,000 on your card in the first six months from account opening
  • Intro APR: 0% intro APR on purchases for 15 months from account opening
  • Regular APR: 13.99% to 23.99% APR
  • Credit Score Requirements: Good to Excellent (670 - 850)
Terms and Conditions Apply



Why We Love the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from Amex

The Amex Blue Cash Everyday® Card earns cash back in popular spending categories like groceries and gas. You’ll most likely be spending money on these things each month anyway, so why not earn some of that cash back?

The credit card also features not one, but two welcome bonuses:

  • one for meeting spending requirements within the first six months
  • a game-changing discount on all card purchases.

Highlights of the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card

  • $150 cash back bonus when you spend $2,000 on your card in the first six months
  • 20% off purchases for the first six months
  • 3% cash back at US supermarkets up to $6,000 annually; 1% after
  • 0% Introductory APR offer on purchases for 15 months
  • No annual fee

Who The Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card is Best For

The Blue Cash Everyday® Card is great for individuals who spend considerable money each month at the gas pump and grocery store. The card offers one of the highest bonus rates for groceries among no-fee cards. It’s also an excellent choice for people with large purchases they want to pay off over time – without worrying about interest fees.


The Full Breakdown of the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Despite its lack of extra perks, the Blue Cash Everyday® Card makes our best credit cards list due to its incredible cash back rewards and lack of annual fee charges. To determine whether this cash back credit card is right for you, keep reading.

Annual Fees

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday® Credit Card carries no annual fee. That means all of your cash back earnings stay in your pocket.

Intro APR Offer

From the date your account is opened, Blue Cash Everyday® comes with a 0% intro APR on purchases for 15 months. Make large purchases now and pay them off over the next 15 months. Note: This card doesn’t allow balance transfers.

Ongoing APR

Once the introductory period ends, the ongoing variable APR currently ranges from 13.99% to 23.99%, based on your creditworthiness.

Welcome Bonus

The Amex Blue Cash Everyday® Credit Card currently has two welcome bonuses:

  • You can earn $150 cash back in the form of a statement credit (if you spend $2,000 on your card in the first six months from account opening).
  • Card members earn 20% cash back on purchases for the first six months (up to $150 max). Cash back comes in the form of a statement credit.

Credit Score Requirements

To qualify for the Amex Blue Cash Everyday® Credit Card, you’ll likely need a good to excellent FICO credit score (between 670 - 850). Paying off your full balance on time each month can help you avoid costly late fees and increase your credit score.

Point Conversion & Redemption

Cash back rewards are redeemed as statement credits. The minimum redemption is $25. Cash back rewards cannot, however, be applied toward your minimum monthly payment.

Member Perks

Blue Cash Everyday® is not a travel rewards card, and it only comes with a couple of extra perks:

Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance

Pay for your rental car with your Blue Cash Everyday® card, then decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver to access this perk. You’re covered against theft or damage of vehicles rented in select locations. Note that, like most credit cards, it comes with secondary coverage, meaning it comes second to your personal car insurance policy. It does not cover liability. Always read your card’s insurance policy terms before opting out of any covered offered by rental companies.

Travel Assistance

Cardmembers have access to Amex’s 24/7 Global Assist hotline. If you run into trouble while traveling, call this number for help – day or night.

Foreign Transaction Fees

Unfortunately, the Amex Blue Cash Everyday® card isn’t the best choice when traveling outside of the US. This card charges a 2.7% foreign transaction fee on all international purchases.

Reward Expiration

Amex cash back rewards never expire – as long as your account is open and in good standing. Card members can choose to redeem rewards as soon as they hit the $25 threshold, or save them up for a bigger payout later.

Customer Service & Ease of Access

American Express’ customer service is top-notch, offering a host of 24/7 phone support options (depending on your specific need), or assistance via chat or by mail. Don’t forget about its highly-rated mobile app, available on iOS and Android, that lets you access your account from anywhere in the world.

How The Blue Cash Everyday Card Compares to Other Cash Back Rewards Cards

The Blue Cash Everyday® Card is a great option – but it may not be right for everyone. Here’s a look at how it compares to other top credit cards.

Amex Everyday® Credit Card vs. Blue Cash Everyday®

American Express offers more than just cash back credit cards. If you prefer earning rewards points, check out the Amex Everyday® Credit Card. Instead of a cash back bonus you’ll earn 10,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $1,000 on your card in the first three months.

The rewards structure differs from the Blue Cash® card too. With the Amex Everyday® Credit Card, you earn 2x points at US supermarkets, up to $6,000 annually (then 1x), and 1x points on all other spending. Cardholders who use their card 20 times or more in a single billing period will earn 20% more points on those purchases.

The Amex Everyday® card also features the same 15-month intro APR offer on purchases as the Blue Cash Everyday® card.

Each card provides its own unique spin on rewards without charging annual fees. The better card for you simply comes down to your preference between earning cash back or rewards points.

Blue Cash Everyday® Card vs. Citi Double Cash® Card

Another popular, no-fee cash back option is the Citi Double Cash® Credit Card. Instead of offering differing rates for specific spending categories, Citi Double Cash® offers a chance at 2% cash back on all purchases. You’ll earn 1% cash back when you make purchases, and another 1% back when you pay off your purchases each month.

Citi Double Cash® comes with a 0% intro APR offer, but on balance transfers (not purchases). Neither card offers substantial benefits outside of cash back perks. Below is a breakdown of all three cards to show how they stack up against each other.

Blue Cash Everyday® Card vs. Citi Double Cash® Card

Is This Cash Back Rewards Credit Card Worth It?

The Blue Cash Everyday® Credit Card is a popular choice for cash back, but there are benefits and drawbacks to consider before applying:


  • No annual fee
  • Increased rewards earning at supermarkets and gas stations
  • Two welcome bonuses


  • Grocery rewards are capped
  • Few travel perks
  • Foreign transaction fees

Our Final Take on the American Express Blue Cash Everyday® Card

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday® Card offers incredible cash back rates, especially considering it’s a no-fee credit card. It’s also rare to find a card that features more than one welcome bonus offer. If you like earning cash back – but don’t want another annual fee to worry about – Blue Cash Everyday is a great choice.

While it's among the best credit cards, it may not be right for you. To find the best credit card offers for you, determine your needs and must-have features, and go from there.