What is a Magnet Employer?

A magnet employer is an employer to which people are attracted or especially interested in working for.

How Does a Magnet Employer Work?

For example, let's say Company XYZ is located in Anywhere, USA. It routinely appears on lists of 'Best Places to Work,' has a good telecommuting policy, pays well, offers good health insurance and excellent perks, and has a casual dress code. For these reasons, people compete harder to get a job at Company XYZ. In some cases, job candidates in magnet companies are even willing to take pay cuts to work there.

Why Does a Magnet Employer Matter?

Magnet employers often attract top talent, which in theory makes the company more profitable. Because these companies are known for top talent, a job with a magnet company can also advance a person's career and looks good on a resume.

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