What is Joint Endorsement?

Joint endorsement is a requirement by many banks that checks be endorsed by all parties of a joint account.

How Does Joint Endorsement Work?

If two or more individuals jointly hold a bank account, the bank may require a joint endorsement on checks made payable to any individual holder of the account. In other words, the bank may require all account holders to sign a check that is payable to anyone on the account if the check is to be cashed.

For example, suppose Bob and Jane hold a joint account at Bank ABC. If someone writes a check payable to Bob, Bank ABC may ask for a joint endorsement of the check by Bob and Jane if they wish to cash it. Therefore, both Bob and Jane would have to sign the check.

Why Does Joint Endorsement Matter?

Banks require joint endorsements by joint account holders to ensure that all parties are aware that someone is cashing a check and depositing it into the joint account.