Case-Shiller Home Price Index

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Updated June 23, 2021

What is the Case-Shiller Home Price Index?

The Case-Shiller Home Price Index refers to a set of indices released by Standard and Poor's that tracks changes in the value of residential real estate.

How Does the Case-Shiller Home Price Index Work?

There are several "Case-Shiller" indices to track changes in a variety of markets. Separation allows tracking of the national home price, a 20-city composite, a 10-city composite, as well as 20 individual metropolitan areas.

The numbers are calculated monthly by following repeat sales of single-family homes. Statistics are released after a two month lag on the last Tuesday of every month.

Why Does the Case-Shiller Home Price Index Matter?

The Case-Shiller Home Price Index is the most frequently referenced barometer of the U.S. residential housing market. Options and futures based on this index can be traded on the Chicago Exchange.

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