11 Amateur Contests with Big Money Prizes

Updated August 5, 2020
posted on 06-07-2019

Whether it's for the funniest joke, the best tasting apple pie or the fastest commute home, humans are competing with each other every single day. 

But only the lucky few compete at a professional level for big trophies, huge prizes and more money than one person can spend in a lifetime.

The rest of us are left cheering enthusiastically on the sidelines, living vicariously through our children and joining fantasy football leagues.

Spectate no longer! Hang up your cell phone, dust off the old headband and start stretching out those hammys. There are fun, bizarre and delicious ways to instantly boost your income by doing what is already in your nature: competing. 

You don't have to be "in shape" or even talented to win big money in these contests. Just ask the lucky competitors who took home the grand prize in these 11 amateur contests.