What is Numismatics?

People who enjoy numismatics often have rare coins that can be quite valuable. But not all numismatics fans have to have money to keep collections. Using a fun site such as wheresgeorge.com, which lets people track the paths of dollar bills (using the bills' unique serial numbers), is free and can help people develop an appreciation for the more creative aspects of money.

How Does Numismatics Work?

Sometimes called 'the hobby of kings,' numismatics is not the act of hoarding cash. It is about appreciating the history and craftsmanship involved in the creation of coins and bills. Numismatics might collect copper pennies, for example (pennies are no longer 100% copper), or money printed during the Civil War when the South had its own currency. The hobby requires knowledge of rare metals, minting processes, and, of course, history.

Rare $5 bill from the Civil War:


Why Does Numismatics Matter?

Numismatics is the hobby of collecting money, such as rare coins or bills.