What is the Market Technicians Association (MTA)?

The Market Technicians Association (MTA) is a professional association for technical analysts.

How Does the Market Technicians Association (MTA) Work?

The MTA is a nonprofit association that fosters an environment of ethics and professionalism among Chartered Market Technicians (CMTs).

In addition to maintaining a dynamic communication network for members, the MTA educates the public about technical analysis and the role of technical analysts in the market.

MTA members are bound by the organization's ethical and professional guidelines. One of the MTA's primary roles is to resolve ethical issues surrounding technical analysis and trading.

Why Does the Market Technicians Association (MTA) Matter?

Technical analysts are trained to forecast short- and long-term market outcomes and they have numerous tools at their disposal to effect profitable trading. The MTA serves as a professional and regulatory body that sets standards and provides a certain level of oversight to ensure that the tools of technical analysis are not misused.