What is a Full-Time Student?

A full-time student is a person enrolled in a post-secondary institution of learning who is taking at least the minimum number of course credit hours according to the institution's requirements.

How Does a Full-Time Student Work?

Although the requirements vary depending on the institution, a full-time student typically takes a certain number of course hours during at least five calendar months of the year.

For example, Bob enrolls in school ABC. In order to be considered as a full-time student, Bob must be enrolled in at least 4 courses per academic term. For the next term, Bob registers for 5 courses. Therefore, he will fulfill the schools requirements and be considered a full-time student next term.

Why Does a Full-Time Student Matter?

Full-time students (or their parents) may be eligible for certain tax breaks. Also, many family health insurance plans allow students to remain on their family's plan if they maintain their status as a full-time student.