European Credit Research Institute (ECRI)

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Paul Tracy
Updated July 29, 2021

What is the European Credit Research Institute (ECRI)?

The European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) provides analyses of retail financial services markets within the member states of the European Union.

How Does the European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) Work?

The ECRI is an independent, non-profit research institute founded in 1999 by a group of European banking and financial institutions. The ECRI’sanalysis is considered the "gold standard" in Europe when it comes to objective analysis of the European retail financial services landscape. ECRI's continually updated databases provide legislators, regulators, executives and investors with reliable data on regulations and legislation in the area of banking and credit, cyber security and credit reporting.

By generating white papers, reports, seminars, commentaries, workshops, publications and conferences, the ECRI keeps the public informed on the latest developments related to retail financial services, including regulations, consumer protections and credit reporting.

ECRI's reports can be prophetic in their warnings of imminent financial disasters and market crashes. The ECRI sounded the alarm in advance of the great financial meltdown of 2008, cautioning that financial institutions were overleveraged and regulatory safeguards were insufficient, although few at the time heeded its warnings.

ECRI cooperates with other international research organizations, adding scope to its findings. ECRI seminars and workshops dissect public policy questions and provide a public venue for a frank exchange of views among government officials, financial industry decision-makers, consumer associations and academics.

Why Does the European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) Matter?

For those investors shrewd and patient enough to seek out its unbiased information, the ECRI can serve as an early warning device when the financial services industry in Europe is imbalanced. All countries are closely intertwined within the global economy, -- retail financial services, in particular --  and for those interested in the health and future direction of the European retail financial services sector, the ECRI plays an integral role in providing in-depth, reliable information.

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