Million Dollar Savings Calculator: How Long Do I Need to Save to Become a Millionaire?

This financial calculator will tell you how many years you will need to save in order to accumulate $1,000,000.

For example, if you’re planning to retire with $1,000,000, you're able to save or invest $400 a month and think you can achieve a 6% return on your money each year, enter "$400" as the Monthly Savings Amount and "6%" as the Annual Rate of Return. If you already have $20,000 saved up, enter "$20,000" as your Current Amount Saved.

How many years will it take you to accumulate $1,000,000? Use this financial calculator to find out.

Current Amount Saved:
Monthly Savings Amount:
Annual Rate of Return (%):
= Number of Years to Reach $1,000,000 Goal