Hold on to that... it's worth its weight in gold.

But is it really? Although it's a common figure of speech, very few things actually meet the criteria.

Let's do the math:

Today, one troy ounce of gold is worth about $1,250. With the help of some basic multiplication and division, and our knowledge of weight conversions, let's derive some other basic gold prices, rounded up to the nearest dollar:

One troy ounce of gold = $1,250
One standard ounce of gold (slice of bread) = $1,140
One pound of gold (loaf of bread) = $18,229
One gram of gold (dollar bill) = $40
One kilogram of gold (pineapple) = $40,187
One ton of gold (small car) = $36,457,500

Off the top of your head, can you think of any one pound object (about the weight of a loaf of bread) worth $18,229? It took me a while to dream up some answers. Pound-for-pound, here are some of the few things that actually meet the criterion. At least for now.

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