With more than 1 million visitors a month, InvestingAnswers.com is one of the largest and fastest-growing financial websites in the country. Our goal: Develop a comprehensive, high-quality educational resource for consumers to help them build and protect their wealth.

We're seeking talented part-time freelance writers (anywhere from 5 to 20 hours per week) to generate compelling, thoughtful original content for our site. The position involves writing personal finance articles, definitions of financial terms, tutorials, courses, answers to common financial questions, and helping create hundreds of new online calculators (along with in-depth descriptions of how those calculators work). Primary topics include investing, mortgages, credit cards, loans, banking, and insurance.

In addition to writers, we're also looking for financial editors with a relentless focus on quality to help us edit and post new content on our site, as well as refresh and improve upon the thousands of articles, calculators, and dictionary definitions we've already published.

Ideal candidates need to have a background in and passion for the financial markets, at least three years of experience writing (or editing) personal finance content in our industry, and a history of developing content that's optimized for search engine (SEO) traffic. Each new page on our site needs to add value to our readers by incorporating in-depth research on the topic at hand, and we need to make 100% certain that our content is more valuable and more comprehensive than any competing financial website. At the same time, our content also needs to be written in a compelling, friendly, and approachable voice.


  • Generating, researching, and pitching ideas for new personal finance articles.
  • Writing comprehensive, high-quality dictionary definitions that thoroughly answer all common questions about each term.
  • Creating complex financial calculators in MS Excel.
  • Writing and editing new, engaging original content with a keen attention to detail.
  • Maximizing site traffic by utilizing thoughtfully researched Search Engine Optimization keywords.
  • Staying current on industry trends for possible opportunities to attract new readers or create stronger, more engaging content.


  • Editing new and existing content with a keen attention to detail.
  • We are not looking for an editor to merely check for typos. Instead, we need someone with a mastery of finance who can spot financial flaws in content before it gets published. Our ideal candidate needs to be relentless in working with our editorial team to make our content better and more useful to our website visitors.


  • An experienced background in finance, both in college and in the workforce.
  • At least three years of previous personal finance writing (or editing) experience, with a special emphasis on the following topics -- mortgages, credit cards, loans, banking, and insurance.
  • Exceptional writing, research, editing and communication skills.
  • An amazing attitude and comfort with having your work edited.
  • Proficiency with MS Office and SEO-driven keyword strategies.

Payment will be at an hourly rate based on time worked. Compensation level will depend on experience.

Qualified writers can work remotely from anywhere in the world. We will give preference to editors who live near our corporate HQ in Austin, Texas, but we're also open to hiring remote editors.


To apply to this position, please contact us via our online form with the following:
All of the items below are required!

  • First and Last Name
  • Position you are applying for (writer or editor)
  • Resume (as an attachment)
  • Cover Letter (as an attachment) explaining your background and mastery of personal finance and investing, why you want to work for InvestingAnswers, and why you are the best candidate for this position
  • Three (3) recent samples of original published personal finance articles you have written
  • At least two professional references
  • Phone number and best time to reach you (no phone calls, please)


Do you have what it takes to write for one of the fastest-growing investing web sites in the country?

InvestingAnswers.com is looking for an experienced financial writer to join our team. But we don't want just anyone...

Our writers are investing experts with strong opinions, a proven track record of success (with evidence to back it up) and a love of finding the next great investment that will make money for our readers.

Things you must bring to the table:

  • A recorded history of making profitable investments
  • Expert-level knowledge of the stock market, with the passion and ability to teach others
  • Ability to write in a conversational voice that is easily understood by novice and expert investors
  • A creative eye for finding investments and investment themes that aren't covered elsewhere.
  • A willingness to be a team player and do anything needed to help our fast-growing company.
  • An amazing attitude and comfort with having your work edited.
  • Exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills for tight deadlines.

Investment categories you should focus on:

We're looking for a writer who can specialize in one or more of the following categories…

  • Income investing (with a focus on dividend-paying stocks)
  • Growth stocks
  • Value investing
  • Mutual funds and ETFs
  • Retirement investing
  • Short-term trading
  • Options trading (with an emphasis on writing puts and calls to generate income)
  • Crisis investing

Our vision for this position:

InvestingAnswers has become one of the fastest growing sites in the financial industry by focusing on compelling topics that are not widely covered anywhere else.

As you learn our style, you will be contributing to our premium newsletters, writing online articles for InvestingAnswers.com and in-depth research reports. But what we really want is a writer who can become the main personality and expert behind a premium newsletter advisory.

Being a newsletter writer involves researching and writing compelling, in-depth articles about your investment recommendations. But it's more than simply writing a "book report" on a stock. You'll have to build your issues around interesting angles that educate and entertain readers.

And most important, you'll need to be a leader who isn't afraid to make bold calls and to point out exactly why our readers should trust YOUR judgment.

Candidates with experience writing financial advisories will be given the most consideration. At a minimum, qualified candidates must have experience researching investing ideas and writing articles focused on specific stocks, ETFs, and other financial instruments.

If this sounds like you, then we want to hear from you. Please carefully read and follow our instructions below on "HOW TO APPLY."


Prior experience writing financial articles for a highly-visible website or publication. Bachelor's degree in a financial field (Finance, Business, Economics), or related industry experience.


Salary level will depend on experience. Full benefits provided, including health insurance and 401(k).


The most qualified candidates will be given the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

How to apply:

With "Financial Editor position" in the Subject line, please contact us via our online form.

  • A cover letter explaining why you want to work at InvestingAnswers, and why you are the best candidate for this position. Prove your experience and expertise in all areas mentioned above.
  • Resume & Portfolio (links to a website are accepted)
  • Previous writing samples you've done that focus on specific stocks or ETFs or other investments.
  • A NEW writing sample written exclusively for InvestingAnswers. This sample should cover an investment idea (a specific stock or other investment) you are passionate about. Before writing this sample, please read a few of our articles at InvestingAnswers.com. Your goal should be to emulate our style. Our articles focus on investing themes and specific stocks and ETFs -- not meaningless daily market news. Your sample should not give away the name of your investment idea until at least halfway through the article. Instead, it should start with a strong, benefit-oriented headline and a compelling story that will generate reader interest. It should take a bold stand and should prove to readers that your investing thesis, and your way of looking at the investing world, is superior to what readers might find elsewhere. The second half of the article should reveal the name of a stock or ETF that you believe our readers should buy, and it should provide convincing proof as to why readers should buy it. And finally, the analysis of your stock or ETF should relate back to the compelling story you told in the first half of the article in a logical and interesting way.