TRIVIA: The Most Expensive Collectible Ever Sold

posted on 06-07-2019

Which of the following unusual collectibles sold for an incredible $140 million to an ultra-secretive Mexican billionaire back in 2006?

A) Albert Einstein's Brain

B) 24.78 Carat Pink Diamond

C) Infamous Jackson Pollock Painting

D) John Lennon's Vintage Rolls Royce

E) Ultra-Rare Gold Double Eagle Coin

Choice C is Correct: Jackson Pollock's infamous painting No. 5 was purchased for $140 million by Mexican financier David Martinez.

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Painted by the American modern artist Jackson Pollock, No. 5 is a relatively large painting (4' x 8') in the drip style for which Pollock is famous. In a late-2006 sale allegedly brokered by Sotheby's, Hollywood billionaire David Geffen sold the painting to ultrasecretive Mexican financier David Martinez for $140 million.

In a shrewd piece of timing, Geffen sold two other modern masterpieces in 2006, just before the bottom fell out of the global financial markets. In October 2006, he sold Jasper Johns's False Start and Willem de Kooning's Police Gazette for a total of $143.5 million.

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