7 Middle-Class Jobs With Shockingly High Salaries

posted on 06-07-2019
It's time for a raise. How about a new job? How about a job that pays a lot more than you'd expect?
We headed to our favorite salary-searching websites (like Glassdoor.com) in search of unusual jobs with fat paychecks. Yep, they exist. And there are many more than you may think.
We found high-stress positions, like those of air-traffic controllers (they can make as much as $140,000 per year!), and jobs abroad, like submarine cook jobs (submarine cooks in Australia make $187,000 per year!). And we found jobs that you can do from your very own home.
Check out these seven jobs with salaries that might surprise you.
Elevator Mechanic
Salary: $70,910
Seems awfully specialized, doesn't it? In fact, elevator mechanics aren't limited to elevators -- they also service machinery such as chairlifts, escalators, moving walkways and dumbwaiters. The job requires only a high school degree and then a certification that takes about four years of classes and paid, on-the-job training.
Trash Collector
Salary: Up to $60,000
Yup. You read that right. To make this unpopular job worth it, trash collectors make an average of $60,000 per year... which means that some make much more.
Salary: Up to $160,000
So you may need to like wine. And know a lot about it. And get certified. But once you do, you're on track for seriously high pay. (Plus, you can show off to all your friends!)
Source: Forbes
Toy Creator
Salary: $53,000
Talk about having fun at work: Toy creators get to invent memories for generations of children. And they get paid for the privilege! 
Source: Simply Hired
Street Car Driver
Salary: $56,880
It’ll take practice and a few months of training to get started, but once you're licensed as a street car driver, you can transfer your skills to any state and any city.
Voice-Over Artist
Salary: Up to $80,000
Voice-over artists provide the audio for animated films and series, dubbed foreign films, video games, commercials and more. Your voice can be a valuable thing! (Little Mermaid, anyone?)
Source: Forbes
Casino Gaming Manager
Salary: $57,547
A 100% chance of casino floors doubling as office spaces? We like those odds. Casino gaming managers, who serve as administrators on the casino floor, are paid surprisingly well to blend work and play.
Source: Salary.com
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