12 Luxuries Only Billionaires Can Afford

posted on 06-07-2019

Don't hate them because they're rich. After all, these are the "job creators," the infamous "1% that control 40% of the world's wealth."
How they want to spend their money is their choice. As Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street 2, "You die your way, I'll die mine."

While most of us are satisfied with a zero balance on our credit cards, a home mortgage that's above water and a steady income, there are others who aren't satisfied unless they've made a "ding in the universe."

Whether it's from a personality trait that demands excellence or from a drive to provide a unique service that turns the world on its ear, billionaires are a different breed altogether.

And with their great fortunes comes the opportunity to afford some of the world's most jaw-dropping luxuries.

Here are 12 examples of extravagant purchases that it would take a billionaire to afford.