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Another Boring Filing? Not So Fast, Profiting from 13Ds

It seems like there's a never ending flow of filings that public companies are required to issue

Enjoying the Benefits of Employee Stock Options

The image that a lot folks get in their heads when they hear the term "employee

Why You Should Consider a Gold Investment

History has shown that gold has been sensitive, whether that comes from

The Safe Haven of Municipal and Local Bonds

Bonds are recognized as an important element of a well-balanced

A Primer on American Depository Receipts

The world is a big place, but for investors it doesn't have to be. In fact, investors seeking a

What Stock Buybacks Mean to Investors

Also called a share repurchase program, stock buybacks are a way a

Flip Flops: Going from Public to Private

Anyone that watches financial news on cable television has likely witnessed this scene before:

Value Traps vs. Bargains -- How to Spot the Difference

The old adage “You get what you pay for” is one we've heard all our lives, probably since we

Umbrella Insurance: Why You Could Need It

If you’re like many American homeowners, the only

Top Tools for Successful Technical Analysis

While there are many different approaches to analyzing the markets,

The ABC's of Stocks

Stocks can be put into various

Understanding the Jargon of Stocks
Confused about the various classifications applied to
Should I Invest in Small-Cap Stocks?

You may have been intrigued by stories of investors buying into Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) in the

Tape Reading: A Lost Trading Art That Can Yield High Returns

The term tape reading originally referred to actual reading of the old style ticker tapes that

The Four Habits of Financially Secure People

Good habits are the key to financial security. If you want to put yourself in position to

What To Own When the Dollar Collapses

Ways To Benefit From The US Dollar Collapse

The US dollar price isn't just some

7 Easy Steps to Make a Great Financial Plan

If you want greater financial security, you’ll need to know how to make a financial

Beat The Tax Man With This 1 Easy Trick

In the decade after the dot-com stock boom ended, investors were in

Why You Should Treat Your Portfolio Like A Marriage

What if you could improve your portfolio performance just by paying attention?

When a

When Is A High Dividend Yield Just Too High?

When I started playing around with the idea of dividend

3 Tax Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Rental Property

What easier way to bring in income than with rental property, right

How Is A Stock's Price Set Each Day?

Sometimes the most basic aspects of the stock

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Tenants For Your Rental Property

In recent years, there has been a surge in investment property

Forget Mutual Funds - Billions Of Dollars Are Pouring Into These Instead...

Mutual funds are one of the great success stories in the history of financial services.

The Investing Question You're Probably Trying To Answer Right Now...

When I first decided that these super-popular 

How Much Mortgage Can You Really Afford? These 2 Simple Formulas Will Tell You

Many people still consider home ownership to be "The American Dream." However, the dream can

3 Crucial Investing Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

No one is perfect, right? 

We've all heard this phrase many times -- and most of realize

Employee Stock Options: 4 Things You Must Know Before You Say 'Yes'

Humans are generally not very good at restraining themselves, which is why they invented

How to Use Margin Analysis as an Investment Tool

Apple, Celgene, Hansen Natural, and Immucor. What do they all have in common?

Believe it

Why Invest in Business Development Companies?

What do former President George H.W. Bush, former Secretary of State James Baker, former British

How to Spot a Modern-Day Monopoly

Andrew Carnegie. J.P. Morgan. Cornelius Vanderbilt. John Rockefeller.

These titans of

The Secret to Successful Real Estate Investing: Triple Net Leases

How are Triple Net Leases and REITs Linked?

Triple net leases are often

Monthly vs. Quarterly Dividends: Which Earns Higher Returns?

While most securities pay their dividends quarterly (every three months), you might see others

Investing Like Warren Buffett

Buffett may be among the world's richest men, but you wouldn't know it by meeting him. He wants

Tools for the Value Investor

Have you ever sat back and tried to compile a list of the most successful investors of all time

What's So Great about Warren Buffett, Anyway?

Though most people have heard of

Benjamin Graham: The Father of Value Investing

Benjamin Graham is considered by many to be the father of financial analysis and value

What to Do About That Old Life Insurance Policy

Thinking about canceling your old life insurance policy? Make sure you have good reason to act,

How to Take Advantage of Stock Splits

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or simply keeping up with market news, you’ve likely come

Understanding Economic Indicators

The markets are unpredictable -- right? Well, taken as a whole, yes. The

Investing Basics for the New Investor

Life does indeed take a lot of cash. For most of us, of course, that means working for a living

How to Make Your Account Balance Go Up When the Market Is Going Down

There's an overwhelming sense of chaos when investors first realize they're in the middle of a

How to Get Ahead While You're Young

Being young can be hard, financially speaking. You might be one of the many who are buried under

Discounted Shares -- And Other Great Reasons To Love DRIPs

Many people love the efficiency of automation, even when it comes to some forms of

The Advantages of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are large pools of investor

What Happens When Your Stock Goes Negative?

What happens if my stock goes negative? If my stock goes down, do I owe money to my broker? When

The Six Biggest Mistakes Technical Traders Make

Many individuals think that short-term trading offers the keys to riches. They often read a book

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Trading Systems

Traders find success along many paths, but most follow discretionary or systemic trading rules.

A Review of Past Economic Downturns

There have been several notable economic downturns in recent history -- since the end of World

Don't Buy A Dividend Stock Unless You Know These 10 Things...

There aren't many things you can buy that automatically give you your money

Mutual Fund
Your Mutual Fund's Returns Aren't As Good As Advertised -- Here's Why

Ever feel like the return you are getting on your investments is not

Turbocharge Your Savings With This Little-Known Tax Shelter

There are few places investors can turn to for a guaranteed return. The very idea of a no-risk

How Often Should I Check My Portfolio?

Question: How often should I check my portfolio and what should I be looking

Target-Date Funds: 3 Risks That You're Probably Forgetting

Steve Jobs once famously commented that simplicity is genius.

That attitude helped

Brokers Hate These Services -- Here's Why You Should Love Them

Evolution is a wonderful thing. Without it, things would never get better. Human beings might

How To Fix Your 3 Biggest Financial Mistakes

Financial regrets? You've had a few, no doubt. And you're not alone.

According to a

Don't Invest In BDCs Without Reading This First...

If Frankenstein author Mary Shelley had been an investment

7 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Brokerage Firm

Partnerships are a critical component of success. Great partners help people achieve great

9 Ways To Avoid The 401(k), IRA Early Withdrawal Penalty

When you're faced with serious money sucks -- say,

Should I Invest In Stocks To Raise A Down Payment?

Question: I want to buy a house in five years, but I won't have quite enough

3 Facts You Must Know About Options

One of Johnny Carson's greatest characters was Carnac the Magnificent. Clad in a cape and giant

How Do I Start Profiting From Dividends?

A well-balanced investment portfolio includes near-cash

4 Secrets Every Successful House Flipper Knows

Two mild-mannered school teachers taught me everything I know about flipping houses -- and not

The 10 Absolute Best Reasons To Invest In Dividend-Paying Stocks

When I first learned about the existence of dividends, I was floored. They have the potential

A Landlord's Dream Come True: Government-Backed Rental Payments

The "sure thing" is passive income's holy grail. Unfortunately, when

Should You Listen To Analysts' Stock Price Predictions?

From the world's top hedge fund managers to the local

5 Reasons Why You Should Simplify Your Portfolio Right Now

Many of us wish for less complexity in our lives. From relationships to finances, we crave

4 Questions You Must Ask Before Refinancing Your Mortgage

At one point, I was addicted to the idea of home refinancing.

Internet popups would taunt

Recession-Proof Your Finances With These 10 Tips

If you want to improve the chances that you make it through the next

Roth IRAs: The Secret Way High-Income Earners Can Get In, Too

For years, when my wife and I went to invest in our IRAs, I was frustrated by not being able to

The Surprising Origins Of Your 401(k)

We tend to think of 401(k) plans as the bedrock of the retirement savings

All-Star Investors Buffett, Lynch And Others Share Wisdom You Can Use

Investors spend a lifetime developing a suitable philosophy that helps shape their financial

mutual fund
8 Facts You Didn't Know About 'No-Load' Mutual Funds

Many investors turn to mutual funds because the funds can make it

Quick 3-Step Test: How Much Investing Risk Can You Stomach?

When there were rumors that Ford and/or GM were going to go bankrupt, I bought

How Should My Age Influence My Financial Plan?

Question: I know I should have a financial plan so that I'm not reacting wildly

5 Unbelievably Stupid Things People Do With Their Portfolio

Here are some of the dumbest investing mistakes you can make.

1. Putting Your

Is That Stock Price Too High? This Easy Tool Can Tell You

Investors have a wide variety of tools and tactics to help extract profits from the markets. The


It's a shame that more people don't invest in income-producing real estate, because it's one of the most powerful ways middle-class folks can generate wealth.  There is one major...
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