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Should You Sell Your Own Home or Use a Realtor?

Those of us familiar with selling property know real estate agents don't come cheap.


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Mistakes are difficult to avoid in something as complex as home buying, especially for the first

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If you or someone you know is thinking about getting a home mortgage, you may want to know about

The 4 Worst Home Refinancing Mistakes People Make (and How to Avoid Them!)

If you haven't already felt the pressure to refinance your mortgage, you're probably really

The Best Way to Start Investing When You're Young

When asked what mankind’s greatest invention was, Albert Einstein answered, “Compound interest

The Simple Strategy That's Never Lost Money

I'm going to show you a simple strategy that has never lost money in the market.

A recent

The 10 Stocks To Own For The Rest Of Your Life

Over the last decade, we've published thousands of in-depth research reports.


4 Lessons From Buffett That Every Investor Needs To Know

Behind each trade or investment, they are there... lurking, waiting to reveal themselves during

4 Keys To Spotting Triple-Digit Gainers... Before They Take Off

Mark Twain understood the mind of an investor.

The world-renowned author once proclaimed

The $1,353 Per Month Income Strategy

It started out as an experiment. It wound up being one of the greatest investment discoveries we

The Secret Way To Double Your Investment Returns

I flipped on CNBC for a few minutes recently and was instantly flooded with a barrage of flashy

This System Accurately Predicted Apple's Crash

If you ask most people, they will say there are two types of people

5 Secrets Every Successful Options Trader Knows

You've heard it before.

"They're too risky."

"They're too complicated."


How This High School Teacher Grew Her Nest Egg To $5 Million

The story was picked up by the major news sources a few years ago as a "cute" human interest

Revealed: The Secret Of The 'Hidden' High-Yielders

Call it "The Mystery of the Secret Payout."

When I was young

From $18.13 To $50,000 In Dividends... In 4 Years

Not too long ago, I hit a big milestone.

I officially received my 50,000th dollar in

How A 22-Year-Old College Dropout Draws 6 Figures Yearly By Investing, Playing Poker

Not too long ago, I met a client at the bank who doesn't have a nine-to-five job. He stays at

These 'Chameleon' Securities Can Bring Higher Returns -- And Risk

Chameleons are the introverts of the animal kingdom -- they only show off when they're mad or

5 Surprisingly Dangerous Places To Stash Your Emergency Cash

Every parent's goal is to have her child do better than they did. And today's parents are no

What Are Reverse Mortgages, And Is One Right For Me?

Question: I've heard about reverse mortgages, but I don't know much about them

Ask The Expert: Should I Ever Mortgage My Home For An Investment?

If you'd like us to answer one of your investing questions

Attention Business Owners: Dump Your 401(k) Plan For This

The 401(k) provides amazing benefits to both employers and employees, who both pick up big tax

The Investment Tool That Actually Loses You Money

A couple of years ago, a local restaurant in my town had an ice cream cone giveaway. The

The Key To Life-Changing Wealth Most Investors Don't Want To Hear

Not everyone will follow this advice, but I'm convinced that those

The Surprising Study That May Change Your Mind About Small-Cap Stocks

Risk equals reward, right?

This has been an investment

Give Up This Bad Habit, Earn $58,754.23

When I turned 18, I got as crazy as someone with conservative values who was raised by

The Huge Mistake Thousands Of Real Estate Investors Are Making Right Now

You did it! You found a new home in the neighborhood you want. It's in the price range you were

Why Buying A Bond Is Like Marrying Tiger Woods

Celebrities divorce at twice the rate of us mere mortals, according to a report by The Marriage

2 'No-Brainer' Financial Risks You Should Take

Taking risks can be unsettling. You may have sleepless nights, and your stress level can

Ask the Expert: Should I Have Most Of My Retirement In Bonds Right Now?

If you'd like us to answer one of your investing questions

Understanding Ticker Symbols

It's a well-known fact that most tattoos, particularly those involving arcane symbols, are the

3 Reasons Why This Is The Stupidest Way To Invest In Currency

On a trip to Las Vegas from London, CPA Dan Morris once saw

4 Ways You're Killing Your Dividend Portfolio Without Knowing It

When I first started writing about money, I figured I was doing just

5 Factors You Shouldn't Overlook When Buying Your Next Bond

I’ve always heard there’s safety in numbers when choosing investments

Investor Alert: 3 Ways To Beat The Next Big Market Selloff

My wife specializes in social psychology, leading her classes at some point each semester in a

This Revolutionary Idea Took One Man From Nothing To $8 Billion

What if your parents were well off, but they lost it all? 

Would you be able to fight

How To Buy Virtually 'Bullet-Proof' Dividend Payers Every Time

Income investors have two equally important objectives when it comes

The Dividend Chart You Have To See

I have a chart that I want to show you. It's nothing complex or hard to understand. In fact, I

How To Profit From The Rise Of The 'Millennials'

In the 1980s and 1990s, baby boomers reached financial

Forget Treasuries -- Try These 3 Little-Known Bonds Instead

There are things in life we all wish we'd never heard of: bacon-flavored toothpaste, tramp

How To Build The Perfect 'Forever' Portfolio

The allure of living forever has caught the imagination for millennia.

While we know that

The Overlooked Answer To Your Retirement Woes

Have you ever seen one of those funny videos where someone stands on a street corner and tries

Why Is A Company's Free Cash Flow So Important?

This week's question highlights an important -- yet often overlooked -- way to understand a

7 Surprising Tricks Financial Scammers Don't Want You To Know

In my early years in the financial business, I must have looked like an easy target for con men

$7,000 In Dividends From A $10,000 Investment

It's the most lucrative investing strategy I've ever found. It won't

6 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Retirement

Long before director J.J. Abrams made Star Trek cool again, I was a fan.

I've seen all of

These Surprising Poker Lessons Led Me To 50% Gains

For those who don't know, in addition to being the Chief Strategist behind StreetAuthority's

The Most Valuable Lessons I Learned When I First Started Investing

When it comes to investing, I still feel like a newbie sometimes.

This System Turned $100,000 Into $670,613... And Anyone Can Follow It

What does it mean to be a "trader"?

For some investors, the

A 'Crystal Ball' For Stocks And Bonds?

Using the wrong words can be dangerous. Confuse sapo for sopa in Spain, for instance, and you're

When Is A High-Yield Bond Just Too Darn Risky?

In a world where government bonds and

3 Steps To A Never-Empty Retirement Fund

Too often, we spend so much time

Earn 20% Returns While Doing Some Good

Investing can be empowering -- and not just because profits can free

4 Investments You Won't Believe You Can Hold In Your IRA

When most of us think of IRAs, we think index

5 Secret Tips Every Income Investor Must Know

We're just past the edge. The "tipping point" is here.

Don't worry -- it's not dangerous

Collect $47,000 In Dividend Checks With This 3-Part Strategy

If you're a regular reader of StreetAuthority, you know I love getting -- and reinvesting --

3 Ways You'd Never Think Of To Profit From ETFs

Sometimes, investing can be so boring.


How To Unravel Investing's Biggest Cliffhanger

J.R. Ewing sat alone in his office one evening at Ewing Oil. He hears a noise in the hallway.

Where to Find Recession-Proof Stocks
Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a recession-proof
3 Simple Steps to Lower Your Health Insurance Premiums

You don't have to be a financial genius to lower your

Finding The Best Broker For You: What Every Investor Must Know